media tips for frontline organizations

Media Tips for Frontline Organizations

Coverage of environmental justice is still very low in newsrooms. As we work together to move these narratives forward, there are opportunities to contact the media to help future positioning and reframing.

National Poll

In March 2021, the Water Hub partnered with Climate Nexus Polling, Yale, and George Mason University to survey 1,600 voters across the country. We asked voters about their opinion on water threats and solutions to help inform water infrastructure conversations.  

Opportunity on Water

In our new report, we synthesize public opinion research on water, and offer a series of recommendations for tapping into shared concerns to drive meaningful progress.      

Western reservoir on Colorado River

Western Media Analysis

The water news cycle ebbs and flows. The Water Hub’s latest media analysis looks at coverage of three key issue areas: water supply, water quality, and drinking water access and affordability.

water opinion analysis

Water Opinion Analysis

Op-eds have long been a go-to communications tactic for water advocates and experts to shape public opinion, but they’re getting harder to place. So, we took a closer look at what water op-eds are being published and where.

Communications strategy for nonprofit

Audience Profile Worksheet

Identifying and understanding your audiences is the key to unlocking the best messaging for your campaigns. Our Audience Profile Worksheet enables you to put yourself in your audiences’ shoes, which builds empathy.

Image of river running through a city toward mountains in background.

National Water Insights

In August 2020, the Water Hub worked with Climate Nexus Polling, Yale, and George Mason University to survey 2,000 voters across the country to understand more about the water solutions they support and the concerns that motivate them.

TV News Tip Sheet

Tips from our workshop on working with TV news, including reasons to focus on TV, the kinds of stories that work best, and technical tips like getting visuals, packaging pitches, and more.

Effective digital marketing and graphic design using Canva

Yes You Canva!

In water communications, we often don’t have time or resources for graphic design. Learn how to make simple, beautiful graphics using Canva. This guide also provides resources and tips for finding and producing imagery for your next campaign.

Water News in COVID Times

“The Virus of Uncertainty: The COVID-19 crisis’ impacts on water news” discusses how the pandemic has impacted water news and makes recommendations on how to keep water advocacy work moving forward.

The Water Hub Newsletter

Theory of Change

As a program created to serve the water field, we feel it is important to be transparent about the values, beliefs and strategies that guide our work. This theory of change lays out our vision for the way communications can help advance water justice and resilience.

Polling Memo

In November 2019, the Water Hub surveyed more than 3,000 voters in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming to learn more about how Westerners perceive water challenges, explore support for water solutions, and test various messages used to make the case for water conservation or supply programs.

Landscape Assessment

What’s the latest in water communications in the Western U.S.? Dig into the media analysis, public opinion research, and findings from more than 100 interviews with advocates and experts to learn more about the pressing needs and areas of opportunity for water communications.