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Who We Are

Acknowledging Our Privilege

As a project of Climate Nexus, the Water Hub benefits from a system that invests disproportionately in white-led and wealthy national nonprofits. Since the Water Hub was created to add communications capacity to the water field, we must first acknowledge the inequality that currently exists in the space.

Groups closest to water challenges often have the fewest resources to frame the conversation. As a result, water narratives tend to center the views of an affluent minority. We will use our position to lift up historically marginalized voices, and support the leadership of frontline groups so they can create change on their terms.

The Water Hub works across the West, a region that encompasses the unceded territories of dozens of Native American nations that steward the lands and waters to this day, despite decades of genocide, displacement, and erasure.


  • Jessica Jewell headshot for who we are page | Director of Digital

    Jessica Jewell

    Director of Digital

    Jessica Jewell is the Water Hub’s Digital Director bringing 10+ years of marketing and communications experience to support water justice in the West.

  • Headshot of José Aranda smiling with a brown jacket on standing in front of greenery outside

    José Aranda

    Relationships Manager

    José Aranda is a water and communications professional working toward protecting Mother Earth and cultivating a deeper relationship with Water.*

  • Nicole Lampe Water Hub water communications

    Nicole Lampe

    Managing Director

    Nicole has worked in cause communications for over fifteen years. For most of that time, she has focused on protecting environmental and public health.

  • Sarah Bucci Water Hub water communications

    Sarah Bucci

    Director of Strategic Communications

    Sarah is a communications strategist with more than a decade of experience advancing conservation, climate, and clean water solutions.


Our Values

We are co-creative and collectivist

We work in solidarity with the communities most impacted by water challenges. We stand beside — and often behind — our partners in co-powering the water solutions they need and want.

We prioritize relationships

We prioritize projects that build understanding and empathy, and work to forge connections across campaigns and coalitions.

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We engage hearts and heads

We know that decisions are driven by both feelings and facts. We work with partner organizations to integrate earned media, digital and cultural strategies that speak to deeply held values.

icon of an ear

We take time to listen and reflect

In order to reform our water system, we must first understand its history. We are committed to deep listening and ongoing learning. We welcome feedback and don’t shy away from tough conversations.

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We move at the speed of trust

We balance the urgency of the issues and speed of the news cycle with the need to build trust. We take the time to meet people where they are — both physically and philosophically.

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We challenge industry norms

Working with communities is more important than counting news clips. We focus on ethical rather than extractive storytelling, and respect lived experience and traditional ecological knowledge.

Advisory Group

The Water Hub Advisory Group is intended to guide the Hub’s work, ensuring an inclusive and equitable approach, informing strategy, connecting Hub staff to prospective partners and supporting accountability.

photo of the advisory group, 2 men in each corner and 3 women in the middle posing for the photo

Members include:

photo of a meeting room, a group of 8 people sitting around a large table

We are still working to grow the Advisory Group to be representative of the communities we hope to serve, and welcome expressions of interest or nominations.

The Advisory Group does not have fiduciary responsibility for the Water Hub, which is a program of Climate Nexus, a sponsored project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.