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The Color of Water Podcast Series: Elevating Diverse Voices in Water Expertise and Experience

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In today’s world, discussions about water-related issues frequently take center stage in media, conferences, and policy-making circles. However, one glaring issue persists: these vital conversations are often dominated by a narrow spectrum of voices, failing to represent the rich diversity of perspectives, experiences, and solutions offered by underrepresented communities. 

Recognizing this profound imbalance, Water Hub and waterloop have embarked on a partnership aimed at elevating voices from the Color of Water directory — a diverse ensemble of water experts who bring unique insights and experiences to the forefront.

Diverse Voices as Expert Resources

Communities of color are disproportionately affected by water challenges, particularly in the context of climate change. Systemic racism and injustice have placed these communities on the frontline of water-related crises. Yet, their voices and stories often remain marginalized and unheard.

The Color of Water podcast series is a step towards reshaping the narrative on water challenges. These voices are not just advocates; they are experts who offer innovative solutions and expertise that are invaluable resources.

Redefining Expertise in Water

The media’s tendency to turn to the same set of experts for commentary on water crises reinforces elitism in the water sector, where traditional credentials and established publishing histories tend to take precedence over firsthand experiences and proximity to water-related issues.

The Color of Water series challenges this status quo, redefining what it means to be an expert in water-related matters. By casting the spotlight on underrepresented voices, this initiative seeks to create a more equitable dialogue.

Introducing the Color of Water Series

Water Hub and waterloop are thrilled to announce the launch of the Color of Water podcast series. This groundbreaking series features Black, Indigenous, and people of color water experts who bring a wealth of knowledge, innovation, and experience to the table.

First episode of the Color of Water podcast series featuring co-host, Maya Richard-Craven

Members of the Water Hub’s Color of Water directory are leaders in driving change and finding solutions within their communities. Through this podcast series, they will share their experiences, insights, and innovations, providing a fresh outlook on pressing water challenges.

From Voices to Expertise

The Color of Water podcast series goes beyond inclusion for the sake of representation; it’s about recognizing the true expertise that underrepresented communities bring to the table. These voices are not just diverse perspectives; they are reservoirs of knowledge, solutions, life and joy ready to inform and spark change.

By offering a platform to water experts of color, we acknowledge their invaluable contributions and the diverse insights they provide. This series isn’t just a conversation—it’s an invitation to tap into a wealth of untapped expertise.

What’s next?

The series will be hosted on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. Sign up for waterloop’s and Water Hub’s email lists for the latest updates in water media and more.

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