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Yes You Canva!

I have some exciting news: the Water Hub did its first-ever workshop and it was a Canva workshop! We talked all about making memes and how to use Canva to create your designs.

For a lot of us who work in water communications, digital marketing is not our only job. Often we are doing media relations, event planning, and possibly even donor relations on top of daily social media output. Hybrid roles are quite common in our field, and it can leave branding and digital marketing on the sidelines of the priorities list.

I designed the Canva workshop to show how easy it is to make beautiful graphics with a free tool. We also included resources to find imagery, and techniques to make your graphics the most engaging they can be.

Watch the workshop recording here:

To learn more about how you can use Canva and see our list of additional resources for photos and more, check out our Yes You Canva! resource guide.

We will be offering the virtual workshop again this year, so if you’re interested in finding out about the next event, tweet at us @water_hub and we’ll be sure to send you an invite.