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The Water Hub’s next chapter

Sun setting over a river and trees in summer nature. Colorful evening outdoor scenery with green forest and water illuminated by warm light. Aerial view on fresh wilderness.

For the past five years, the Water Hub has been incubated at Climate Nexus, learning and growing alongside some of the movement’s most dedicated and talented communications strategists. Now, it is on the path to becoming an independent organization. 

The Water Hub was launched at Climate Nexus because the fights for water and climate justice are inextricably linked, and our approaches to field service and solutions storytelling are aligned. Both organizations work to uplift the voices of advocates and experts, facilitate media that speaks to both hearts and minds, and build public will and political pressure to act. 

Our transition to independence has been in progress for many months, with the vision to remain in close collaboration with Climate Nexus. Sadly, last Friday, Climate Nexus announced it will close June 21, 2024, due to a funding shortfall. Climate Nexus has added tremendous value to the movement, and we encourage groups in need of shrewd and steadfast communicators to seek out our colleagues. We are happy to make introductions. 

The Water Hub is fortunate to have funders and partners that have invested in our sustainability, and will continue our work at a new fiscal home, Multiplier. We will seek every opportunity to connect the dots between water and climate, and will do our best to carry on the legacy of deep issue expertise and innovation Climate Nexus has modeled over its decade of cause communications. 

You can continue to find the Water Hub online at waterhub.org, colorofwater.info and justinfrastructure.org. You can also reach the team at info@waterhub.org.

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