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Archive of blogs sharing background information on timely water topics.

Briefing: Clean Water And Climate Preparedness in the Great Lakes

A Zoom screenshot featuring panelists from the Great Lakes Media briefing

Two years after the Bipartisan Law allocated billions for clean water and climate readiness, we asked Great Lakes leaders to share an update on where federal funds are being spent in the region, and what’s needed to help disinvested communities take advantage of this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tackle long-standing problems like lead pipes and legacy pollution.

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Wildfires and water in the West

This year’s catastrophic Western wildfires made headlines across the country. With rains returning to much of the region, we invited four experts to talk with us about the intersection of fire and western watersheds in the age of climate change. The panel discussed wildfire impacts on water ranging from drinking water safety to stream health and flood risks, while also digging into [...]
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