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Water Hub Staff Q&A: Sade Moore

New Water Hub Communications Associate Sade Moore shares her experiences and passions for environmental justice and storytelling. What’s your name, pronouns, and title? Sade Moore, She/Her/Hers, Communications Associate  Where do you call home? Richmond, Virginia What brought you to this work and why does water matter to you?  I’m a city girl who wasn’t always passionate about the environment. As a poet, [...]
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Rising Voices: Pacoima Beautiful, water and heat in the San Fernando Valley

Rising Voices is a column the Water Hub pens for Maven’s Notebook listening to advocates and organizers in California talk about water issues impacting local communities. This month, as we’ve seen as extreme heat radiates across the West, we checked in with Pacoima Beautiful’s policy director, Andres Ramirez, and lead project planner, Dora Frietze-Armenta, to talk about what’s going on in Los [...]
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Reflecting on digital comms and nonprofit grantmaking

Last year, our team set out to pilot a small digital grants program for groups working in the Los Angeles area. The goal of the program was to help groups ramp up digital organizing at a time when the COVID-19 crisis had constrained traditional tactics like canvassing, rallies, lobby days, and more. We hoped this funding would be a useful complement to the hands-on, [...]
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Navigating the media as a BIPOC-focused organization

Black, Indigenous, and other people of color (BIPOC) community organizers, movement leaders, grassroots staff–– have you ever felt like you weren't being heard in interviews, or wondered how to approach a reporter who misrepresented your issues? Whether the media has ever made you feel tone policed, erased, or that your community’s experience wasn’t being authentically reflected, you are not alone.  Coverage of [...]
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Staff spotlight: Jessica Jewell

Hi there. Jessica here, the Water Hub’s new digital director. I’m incredibly humbled to introduce myself and to have the opportunity to be of service to folks fighting for water justice in the West and to support them to tell their stories. I’ve always been deeply passionate about the protection of the Earth and other living things whom we share our wild [...]
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How to craft soundbites that stick

More people than ever before are turning to social media and TV for news, scrolling and channel surfing to get the gist of the day’s top stories. In this short attention span world, we have to draw people in with bite-sized content that packs a punch.  That’s where soundbites come in: they’re short and striking, designed to catch people’s attention and connect to [...]
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